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Personio is the all-in-one HR software for small and medium-sized companies. Based in Munich, Madrid, London, Dublin, and Amsterdam, Personio’s mission is to make HR processes as transparent and efficient as possible so HR can focus on what matters most: people and strategy. The Personio solution includes human resources, recruiting, and payroll, and supports the core HR processes every business needs to do. Over 6,000 customers operating in over 80 countries use Personio.

In October 2021, Personio launched People Workflow Automation, a new category of HR software. Backed by a pre-emptive Series E funding of $270 million, Personio is now valued at $6.3 billion – making us one of the most valuable HR tech companies, and most valuable start-ups, in Europe. With a rapidly growing team of over 1,200 employees, a great product, and a market that is only waiting to be developed, we’re just getting started.

Being a Personio means being part of something big. It means shaping the future of HR, the future of our company, and at the same time, your own. We aim to build the leading HR platform and be the leading tech employer, on the continent. To help us achieve these goals we’re hiring talented, impact-driven individuals who want to be more than just another employee. Will you be one of them? #EnablingBetterOrganizations


Standorte: Munich, Madrid, London, Dublin, and Amsterdam

Mitarbeiterzahl (weltweit): 1200

Mitarbeiterzahl (Deutschland): 700


  • Praktikant/in Inland

  • Praktikant/in Ausland

  • Werkstudent/in

  • Direkteinstieg Inland

  • Direkteinstieg Ausland

Anforderungen für den Einstieg

  • Noten: 25%

  • Auslandserfahrung: 25%

  • Praxiserfahrung / Praktika: 25%

  • Außeruniversitäres / soziales Engagement: 25%


Ansprechpartner: Laura Hecker

Abteilung: People & Workplace - Talent Acquisition

Anschrift: Rundfunkplatz 4

PLZ / Ort: 80335 München



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